Are you a hot mess mom over 40 ready to move beyond survival mode?

I'll show you how to put your family first without losing yourself.

Ready to scrap these?

Daily headaches you've been grappling with for years. Disrupting your present time at home and work, robbing you of sleep and you're tired of wishing they would improve.

  • What's for dinner - ugh every night!

  • Home clutter chaos

  • Yelling at your kids on repeat

  • Not enough hubby time

  • Constant screen battles

  • Way too much Netflix & YouTube

  • Overbooking your schedules

  • Exercise? Umm, way too exhausted!

You crave a makeover

Not gel nails and snazzy new boots. This is much bigger, from the inside out.

You want peace, quality moments with friends, more date nights, less screen time, and a freezer full of casseroles and cut veggies in the crisper (that aren't soggy!) Why is this year echoing the last, with relentless stress and exhaustion? So many Mom 'extras' are piling up, how to even get started with big change? Wish-lists and unfulfilled Pinterest screenshots litter your Photos section with ideas, hacks, routines. Lunch-kits call at 9pm and the dryer bell won't stop. How can I shift out of this hot mess and make lasting changes?

I know you want real results

This is not cookie-cutter coaching. I meet you where you're at. Every time.

Mama Bears Unite!
Hi friend, I'm Erin Vogt! As a mom of two girls (11 and 8) I'm in the trenches with you figuring out this parenting thing, trying to be "enough" in the world. It's exhausting and the stress builds up if we don't face it head on. Lucky for you, I've trial and errored hundreds of valuable tools and pinpointed the ones that work for me and my clients.

As a Certified Health, Life and Transformation Coach I've stacked my toolbox over the past twenty years. And boy, do I love to share my toolbox with fabulous moms like you, making this world a brighter place! Don't underestimate we are raising the next generation of game-changers which requires support!

How my clients are winning

How I can help you

Service #1: Complimentary
Mom's Lifestyle Audit

Uncover powerful insights about your desires, roadblocks in the way, and how to forge deep connections in your family. This call will set you on a path towards balance and fulfillment like you've never imagined! (30 min)

Service #2 Group Coaching
Hot Mess Mom Makeover

Reclaim your time, energy, confidence, and JOY not only for you but your entire family. This is your ultimate transformation opportunity surrounded by other fabulous women who deeply understand. (3 months)

Service #3: VIP Coaching

1:1 Wrap-Around Support

Invest in the VIP treatment you deserve with a coach who fully grasps the headaches you are facing in hot mess mom land. Receive immediate ongoing support as I come alongside you as your trusted ally. (6 months)

Erin Vogt's coaching is relevant, directly targets the pain-point/struggle and she delivers insight to find productive avenues to reach your goals. I strongly recommend Erin if you are looking for a heart-connected coach for guidance.



Break free from procrastination and get into action today.

Discover these 5 Game-Changers for Success to break free from overwhelm and take the first steps toward more fun and ease - yes please!


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